Fishing on the Dordogne

Fishing in the Dordogne

With spectacularly beautiful natural scenery as your backdrop and a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site at your feet, fishing in the Dordogne River is a fishermen’s dream. The river offers sanctuary to a number of UNESCO protected species and plant life. Fishing is a hugely popular activity here and the fish are bountiful with an abundance of healthy and quality brown and rainbow trout, salmon, pike, zander, barbel and black-bass to name but a few.(although fishing for salmon is prohibited).
The Dordogne is one of the most famous areas for fishing in France and is highly sought after by locals and visitors alike.  The river is also particularly good for fly fishing. If you enjoy trout fishing, keep in mind that reservations will be required from about mid to late March to about the first week of September. You will also find several trout and carp ponds near Les Magnolias. It is a true paradise for fishermen.  Catfish are caught in the river at Les Magnolias. You can also fish to your heart’s content in the various lakes in the area and the canal on the other side of Les Magnolias. Further information is available at our reception. Fishing permits are available at the local fishing tackle shop in Lalinde. It is also possible to go out during the day or at night with a professional fishing guide.

Useful Link: Fédération de Dordogne pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique (