Fun for kids (and adults)

Les Magnolias is also suitable for (grand) parents with older (small) children. Children can swim in our beautiful swimming pool, go fishing in the river or in the Lalinde canal (across the road), or go river canoeing with holiday friends, play jeu de boules, play badminton, play football on the lawn or just relax. For several trips with children we have a perfect central location.

There are no major theme parks in the Dordogne but there are many parks that provide holiday fun. In Recent years the climbing parks are very popular: forests where you can climb to the treetops and with all kinds of steel cables crossing from one tree to another, sometimes over valleys. There are also animal parks (parc animalier, such as the aquarium in nearby Le Buque) or prehistoric parks (live and do as in prehistoric times).
Les Magnolias is an excellent location to visit these activities.

A selection of several children’s outings:


Water Centre Trémolat offers waterskiing on the banks of the Dordogne.
Canoeing The flow in the Dordogne is not very strong, this makes the river attractive to children. If you like canoeing, you should have sailed down the Dordogne river!
Sailing. In the adjacent Mauzac you will find a nautical club : here you can sail on the Dordogne. Walk by and ask what it costs to rent a boat.
Swimming in the Dordogne river or in one of the many other rivers and lakes around here.
Stand up paddle a very fun way to explore the Dordogne river. You will find this in  Creysse nearby Les Magnolias.

Medieval festivals

The Dordogne is also known for its medieval festivals and markets. Some of the best known are: la bataille de castillon, les chevaliers de Monflanquin and Fête Médiévale de Belvès. Imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages for a while and enjoy the medieval food, music, the markets with old crafts and of course the knights’ tournaments.

Foret des Ecureuils bij Sarlat
The largest climbing park in the Dordogne with trails for children older than 4 years. You can even find climbs 40 meters above the ground . The park is  set up in a way  that you can practice  first and then gradually go to more difficult pathways.

The Airparc Perigord is situated on an island in the Dordogne and offers in addition to climbing trees also waterfun. Nice for a day out: water, picnic and good climbing, you can find the Airparc Perigord in Port d’Enveaux at St Vincent de Cosse.

Bergerac Karting welcomes you in a pleasant setting. This spaceous kartingcircuitis a delight for everyone aged over 7 and  safely supervised by a FFSA instructor.
Beginner or passionate … Individual or group …
Discover and share unforgettable sensations …

Appel de la Foret (the call of the forest)
Offers a dozen pathways, ranging from climbing, rope crossing and mustering out on lianas (like Tarzan). You can make a crossover  from 5 to 150 meters  and will be guaranteed busy for over two hours.

In Lacave is a park wich is dedicated to prehistory, many children’s heart will beat faster here. Indeed, there are many prehistoric creatures to discover  that have lived millions of years ago. In addition, there are a lot of educational things to do and explore. Also the evolution of mankind is discussed.

Musée National de la Préhistoire
There is a lot of history to be found in the Dordogne. The Musée National Prehistory takes you back in time , at least 400,000 years B.C.

Maison Forte de Reignac  
A real time journey through history, including a medieval torture chamber (not suitable for young visitors)

Bridoire le chateaux des jeux
Guided tour of 2 to 3 hours including participation in medieval games.

Het themapark Bournat A fun theme park for a trip back in time with real-life actors, fun workshops and fairs.

Rody chocolaterie
For chocolate connoisseurs we can hearty recommend Rody chocolaterie. In addition to a cocoa museum, Rody offers tasting and of course sales of chocolate. A real must for chocolate lovers. Healthy, tasty and artisanal, the pralines will surprise you with their original flavors and sizes, manufactured with the greatest care.